Velvet Ganache, the repeat.

Bonjour Monsieur et Madamoisele, bienvenue a’ la Velvet Ganache!

Don’t you worry, we are still going to talk about the lovely French Boulangerie and Patiserrie, Velvet Ganache, located at Greenfields, San Fernando, Pampanga which is owned by Chef Vince Garcia, who believed in the positive effect of social media and word of mouth. ????

I couldn’t agree more. No wonder the great Jose Rizal chose to wield the pen instead of the sword. I choose to wield the keyboard! ???? I got my own font style so typing would be best. ???????????? Nothing beats the speed of a positive feedback, a few click on your mobile device, a gal who loves anything that is edible, affordable and classy, and at least 5 to 10 mbps of data speed. Voila! You got a fan who is very much happy to share the wonderful experience that she got. So here my friends is Velvet Ganache, the second encounter.????

We were back at Velvet Ganache last 12th of March, to claim my prize as the Best Blogger Shot winner last month. Here is the link to the winning post!

Velvet Ganache, a place or a painting?

I brought my family with me to check out Velvet Ganache for the second time. As soon as we enter the place, we were welcomed warmly. There I met again JM, Mr. Nice, and Jester, Mr. Nice 2, which were mentioned in my previous blog about this place.


Me: Hiiii! (perky as usual????)

JM and Jester gave me friendly and warm smiles, still dressed neatly with the adorable bow ties.

Jester: Hello Ma’am! Welcome to Velvet Ganache! Ilan po kayo?

Me: Hello! I’m surely back! And yes, I’m with my family this time. We are 5. Do you need my ID?

Jester: No need na po Ma’am. We know you by now. ????

Me:Woooow! Okay, thanks! Yeah, I made sure I wore the same clothes, just in case. Ahahahahha ????????????

Jester: (Huge smile) Have a seat po while we prepare the meal.

I looked for a place that can accommodate five persons as the place was almost full that Sunday night. Cheers to good business and happy customers!

Ice cold water was served, followed by Iced tea. Two mountain-full of salad came after. One was Kani Salad, the other was Ceasar Salad. Kani Salad which was a plate full of shreds and cuts of lettuce, cucumber, carrots, mango, crab stick, dried sea weed with Japanese Mayo.

The Ceasar Salad on the other hand was a mix of cuts of lettuce, bacon, a bit of olive oil and mayo, croutons, and loads of powdered parmesan cheese (which I love!).

Both were so good and fresh! It made me think that a garden is just near, where ingredients can be taken from. All of their salad plates are good for 165 pHp, affordable isn’t it? ????????

My brother is giving me a strange look by now. ????

Bro: Did you memorize the menu? I never saw you get one.

I snickered too loudly since my mouth was full of greens. ???????????? My mom gave me a light nudge on the side, the prim and proper woman that she is, since some of the other guests are staring at our direction.

Me: This is the prize for the blogging contest that I told you about.. Enjoy it while it last! ????????

Two plates of pasta was served afterwards. One is Jackie Chan and Carabonara. Both were served using spaghetti as pasta but with different sauces. The Carbonara has a very mild taste. The usual Carbonara is made by eggs, cheese, bacon, olive oil, salt and pepper. Some use roux.

Roux , pronounced as “roo”, is a thickener for sauce and soups that combines equal parts or flour and butter.

Jackie Chan on the other hand is very intriguing. The taste of onion and garlic is very evident, with the pieces of chicken and mushroom tossed here and there. I was nodding while eating this one. So good!

Pasta is al dente and both plates were served with spanish bread on the side. There are other pasta dishes that you can try! There is Napolitana, Chicken con Pesto, Spicy Aglio Alio Con Pollo, Bolognese, and Seafood Tomato Cream pasta. Just prepare 175 pHp to 215 pHp for their pasta dishes.

Next on the menu was Bulgogi wings. It was a mound of crispy fried chicken wings surrounded in a bowl-full or sweet and spicy sauce. It kinda reminded me of the medieval castles, ringed in moat. ???? I guess, guys will like this one since it is almost a very good partner with beer but soda will work as well. One bite of this chicken wing dipped into that sauce and you will feel your ears go red. Hahahha It is just one of the dishes in their “Wings Madness” menu. There is Hickory Barbecue wings, Korean Spicy Wings, and Spicy Buffalo Wings. These crispylicious chicken wings are good for 219 pHP only. A must try!

Bro: When will they stop delivering food? These are too good. hahahhaha
Me: ????????????

Pizza anyone? I just saw a 12- 14 inch of pizza goodness being catered to us. I was like,” Drumroll please....”. ????

I immediately made room for the pizza slice on my plate, took a slice and was amazed at how gooey and stringy the cheese was while I pull a slice from the platter. It was filled with fresh meat, tomatoes, onions, pulled together by the sweet and barbecue flavored sauce and cheese. My eyes grew wider and wider while I munch on it. ????I looked at my elder sis as she took a slice as well. We were basically talking with our eyes. ????
Her eyes: (almost popping out because of the yummy surprise) OMG! For real? This is so good!
My eyes: (already popped out of the sockets, lol) I know right!

We must have looked really hilarious will all the eye bulging moment that happened. ????????????

It is freaking good!
I like how firm, thin and light the dough was. The sauce was thick and heavy but it was able to hold everything together. Kudos to that! I am guessing that what we had was the Cowboy pizza, there are more flavors though. You can try their Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Farmers, and Four Cheese Pizza. All of these can be ordered for 399 pHp only!

It took us almost an hour to actually try everything. We ordered for coffee and desserts afterwards. I was excited to see their cute cups again! We tried their Cappucinno, Dark Mocha and Brewed Coffee.

I ordered for their delectable cakes as well namely, Red Velvet Chocolate Torte, Choco Espresso Cake, and Dark and White Chocolate Mousse.

I ordered for another slice of Red Velvet Chocolate Torte because my baby sister devoured it with in a couple of minutes. I was just left laughing at how much she loved it! Awww, she is so me! ????????

See? Such a cutie! ????????????????????????

The other cakes were really toothsome as well! I might be biased because I have a secret affair with coffee but everyone with me that night totally agrees! I like how light their cakes are. They are not too sweet so you will surely not notice that you are taking one bite at a time. The prices for the cakes, cupcakes, sweets and bread vary so just prepare 200 pHp to make sure that you can at least try one of their toothsome selection!

There are more options on their menu so you would not run out of choices. There are Cake Shakes ( 199 pHp each), Shakes which can be Matcha, Java Chip, Salted Caramel etc. ( 159 pHp each), Main Courses which can be Rosemary Roasted Chicken, Steak Ala- minute Beef, Chicken bucket and many more ( 250 – 700 pHp), Fries Toppings ( 99- 160 pHp), Burger ( 215 pHp each), Starters like Mozarella stick, Chicken finger, Calamares etc. ( 199- 215 pHp each), Sandwiches ( 215 Php each) and Quesadillas ( 199 Php each).

My little sister even filled up their survey form. Another satisfied customer! ????????????

Mixing Mexican, American and French dishes will surely leave you with endless options! Velvet Ganache is bad news to my waist line, but that is alright! Round is still a shape.???? Better try this place as soon as you can!

See yah! ????????

Thank you Velvet Ganache! More power to you guys! Keep serving great food while providing amazing customer service to keep your clients happy! ????????


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