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Summer is totally here! Totally undeniable. It is 32 ℃ outside and it is not much different when you stay indoors. Hhaha A day at the pool or a place that offers all-you-can eat ice cream sounds like a really good idea. However, my friend and I decided to go to Steaming Mugs. I know, a place that is named as Frozen Mug or Snowy Mug must have been a better idea with this scorchy weather however, Steaming Mugs was not a bad idea,I tell you! Steaming Mugs is a coffee shop located at Greenfields, San Fenando, Pampanga and is open as early as 9 m to 11 pm.

I was surprised of how cute the place was. Steaming Mugs is almost 20 sq m inside. A space as big as my room and so I had a thought...

“Maybe, I should let my bro stay out of his room and build my own cafe... I’m sure he doesn’t mind as long as he gets free hot choco...” ????????

I was really amazed by how much the whole space is maximized. Neat and simple chairs and tables were used. The menu is used as a design for the cupboard, very smart. ????????

The kitchen is also open so you actually see your food being prepared. You have the option to sit outside. There is a porch and a roofless-hexagonal shaped veranda that is an awesome place to hang out at night!

The whole place gave back my old high school and college days memories. I guess that this place is an awesome option for students to hang out in or to just to cool off and beat the heat with their smoothies and frappes! Here is a photo of their menu, you can use it as a guide!

We visited it around brunch time. We were not able to see and try their sweets, maybe we were to early for a Monday. Hahaha There is always a next time though. ???? We ordered Alfredo for Pasta (120 Php), Chicken Pesto for Sandwich ( 120 Php), and I tried one of their Duo Treat! I ordered for Nuggets and Fries combo which is good for a 150 Php! Their presentation is very simple but the taste is not that bad for the price that they offer. The pasta is tasty and my friend finished it as fast as she can.

I love their chicken pesto! I am into dishes with loads of herbs and spices recently so just the smell of this one made me drool already. Lol It was made of chunks of chicken breast, a bit of mushroom, some sort of cream, loads and loads of basil, slices of cucumber and tomatoes which were all stuffed in a slice of dry french bread. I think I can finish 2 to 3 of these in one go! Hahaha Cheers to loads of basil! ????

Nuggets and Fries is an option that is good for sharing! So this place is absolutely awesome for students who wants to save up for their summer trip!

I would not forget about their drinks! This place is the right option if you want affordable drinks, huge serving and awesome taste!

My friend, Yna, went with one of their Coolers, Strawberry Passion! It is so good that she didn’t mind chugging it while holding it like a pitcher. Lol She was enjoying it when suddenly...

Yna: Ate Cring! Look! Something is looking at you.
Me: What? Where?
Yna: (pointing at the drink) This has loads of eyes!
Me: (cringe) What the... ????????????

Apparently, the drink that she ordered came with passion fruit seeds. Obviously enough with it’s name, “Strawberry Passion”, okay, facepalm. Hahahhaha What a funny surprise! Passion fruit seeds is a good antioxidant, offers significant cardiovascular benefits and is friendly to your intestine! What a great find! For my diet conscious friends and readers out there, this is a great option!

On the other hand, I ordered for their Green Tea Frappe. I wanted to try their coffee but I have shift that night so sleep might resent me if I even get a sip of my fave Cappuccino. But that is alright, as I said above, there is always a next time! ???????? I chose Grande and boy, the size of it definitely made me happy! The taste was very creamy! My friend is not into green tea but this one she liked! It was perfect for that hot midmorning. I was like drinking ice cream, love it!

Thanks for quenching our thirst Steaming Mugs! It was not that steamy after all, it was actually “freezing”!???? I must try their other drinks next time, together with their sweets!

I can’t finish the whole Grande drink so who’s with me?! ????????


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