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Have you been into a restaurant where in you do not really have to take a sneak peek at the menu because you clearly know what you want to eat? Green Kitchen is that kind of place for me. There are multiple branches now but the one that I usually visit is the one near my place which is at WalterMart, San Fernando, Pampanga. Green Kitchen was also able to take their kitchen at SM Clark! Yaaay! So peeps from Angeles, better try it soon! It is open at 10 Am to 9 Pm daily. ????

I like how widely mixed their menu is. They offer Tex-Mex dishes such as fajitas, Japanese food such as chicken teriyaki, western dishes like seafood au gratin and huge variety of steaks and many more! Vegetarian? Green Kitchen got it for you as well! They have dishes that are meatless like the vegetable frittata and vegetarian sandwich not forgetting to mention their list of salads such as the Nagoya salad. So if you belong to a herd that is a mix of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores, Green Kitchen is the place to be. ???????? I love their smoothies too! Although, you have the option to have their freshly prepared juices as well and choose on what size you would like to have!

Green Kitchen now offers catering services that can support any events, feel free to like their page online to make reservations and to know about their promotions. Here are shots of their menu as your guideline.

Green Kitchen cooks by the Ishiyaki way. Ishiyaki is a Japanese term for hot stone cooking method.

You will notice that your food will be served in a hot stone bowl so you will have to immediately mix everything up or the rice and sauce will get a little bit burnt which actually happened to me multiple times, obviously. ???? I like the fact that food is served while it is steaming hot and it can stay that way for quite some time so it makes you feel like you are actually eating warm home-cooked food.????

Fred and I love this place so we find ourselves going back multiple times since 2013. So some of the photos included in this blog are really old. ????I always order for their best-seller mixes, one of which is Shrimpchicow! I’m stuck with just eating this one, that’s how good it is. ???????????? It is literally a combination of shrimp, chicken, and beef, all piled up in a single bowl of hot steamy dish. I love it with their fresh buko shake!

Fred likes trying new stuffs on their menu so I get to try them too! ???? So any dishes that you see here other than Shrimpchicow, it’s his order. ???? hahaha So far, we weren’t disappointed yet with any of their dishes. Kudos to that!???????????? I brought my family and friends here too and they totally love it! The service crew are very attentive and friendly as well, some of which are my previous colleagues when I was still in the hotel line of business. If you dine here, you are in good hands.????????

Food, huge check. Crew, big yes. How about the ambience????? It is quite green. ????hahaha Kidding. Well, most of the walls were covered with artificial grass and ornamental plants but one side of the wall is in full glass so you see the parking lot, people walking and the cars that pass by. Different lightings are used so I like the hint of creativity there.

Table for 2, 4 and 6 are present too! So it is great for dating, hanging out with your barkada, family dine out or for your “me” time!

A huge blackboard can be seen which says, “People who love to eat are always the best kind of people.” I totally agree! ????

Try Green Kitchen as soon you can and trust me, there will be no regrets! ????????

See yah! ????


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