Moderno Food Park it is!

Moderno Food Park it is

Our weekly grind is almost done and we are all itching to slack off and get those muscles loosen up a bit. I have never been to a food park before so I am very much excited about it! I personally got tired of the food stalls and restaurants at the mall so if you feel the same way, keep reading!

Moderno Food Park is the first and biggest food park in Pampangga. It is a badminton court that morphed into a food park that houses 16 food stalls! Yep. We got 16 amazing food stalls to try, so make sure to wear something adjustable perhaps? It is along MacArthur Hwy, San Fernando, Pampanga which is right next to Holy Angel Village. It is literally along the highway so accessibility is a huge YES and if you are into commute mode just say to Manong Driver," Smash lang po." aaaaand Bam. Moderno Food Park right in yo face. Please like their Online page so you can be updated with their promotions and shedule!

In my opinion, people of all ages will enjoy this place. Kids can have Popsicles, your dad or brother can have booze, your Granny can have coffee, you and your friends can enjoy pizza and so on. Name it, this place has something to offer to everyone! So here is a list that you can use as a map when you visit this awesome place!

1.)TazzaUno is their official coffee shop so you can have your hot or cold coffee, frappe, smoothies or even sandwiches. Caffeine, anyone?

Moderno Food Park it is2

2.)Pipeline Co. on the other hand, is their official beverage stall. Your dad, boyfriend, or brother will be happy about this one. This stall offers juice, beers, soda and wine!

Moderno Food Park it is3Moderno Food Park it is5


3.)Daily Detox will be your dieting sister's favorite drink stall!This one offers 100% cold-pressed juices and water detox.

Moderno Food Park it is6

4.)Racks & Ribs offers American styled steaks so say hello to baby back ribs!
5.)Steak N' Bake presents a selection of Western dishes such as steaks, roast beef, and more! Oh I love mashed potato! You can choose rice to go with it though if you like. :)
6.)Fiammata. I love this one! You can build your own pizza, salad and crepe! So it's time to be creative! We tried Capricciosa pizza. oh remember ,Sammie?

Moderno Food Park it is7

7.)Fat Mama serves my favorite chicken wiiiings! My friend said that I might start growing feathers and wings soon. I tried their soy-garlic flavored chicken wings, so goooood! We tried the garlic with parmesan chicken wings but I personally like the first one. But that is just me, you may choose from their other flavors! They have popsicles by Picole too! What's funny is that there are different flavors and each of them has different calorie count. lol I tried their chocolate flavored popsicle which is just for 50 pHp and just contains 10 calories. It was kind of pointless for me though since I still dipped it in chocolate syrup. Enough calorie counting for me. Facepalm. I know. Hahaha

Moderno Food Park it is9Moderno Food Park it is10

8.)Curry Up offers filipino dishes that has a twist of curry spices. Very flavorful and tasty!

9.)Urban Crunch is very Pinoy for me. They offer Bagnet-themed dishes, it can be kare kare, dinakdakan and so on.

Moderno Food Park it is11

10.)Simple Viet Kitchen is quite a healthy option as well. As expected with Vietnamese dishes, you may order their spring roll which can be fresh or fried, hot bowl of Pho and many more. I tried their Lime juice, very refreshing I must say.

Moderno Food Park it is12

11.)Benjamin is a must try as well! It's a stall which serves Mexican-filipino dishes. I tried their taco and I was shocked that it was bigger than my face. (considering that my face is big) LOL It was really crispy and jam packed with vegetables and tasty meat and cheese. Perfect for the whole gang. Money-wise, this is a good option!

Moderno Food Park it is14

12.) Next is Yellow Street! These place is heaven for me! Everything with cheesey goodness! ERMERGERD I tried their heap-of-potato-swirls-drenched-in-cheese (sorry, I kinda just described on how it looked and tasted, forgot the name LOL) and yeah, I was speechless. To all my cheese-obsessed  friends out there, you better try this one!

Moderno Food Park it is15Moderno Food Park it is16

13.) Coco's is a great chicken shack! And yeah, I love their chicken pops! How can you go wrong with fried chicken wrapped in juicy bacon? Oh and the owner is cute, so girls? You know what to do.

Moderno Food Park it is17

14.) Sunny Side Up is a place for a mix up of breakfast and desserts! They even have our favorite "silog" and fried desserts. Yes, they serve fried snickers, oreos and many more!

Moderno Food Park it is18

15.) They also have Meat Fuel! This one serves affordable burger and sandwiches. They are proud to serve food using super fresh ingredients and they have this mini burgers that kids will surely love!
16.) Lastly, we have Tokyo Tempura. This place offers the most affordable shrimp tempura in town! For 199 pHp, unlimited crispy shrimp tempura is yours! We tried that and their Dynamite which is filled with melted cheese, and yeah it was really hot and spicy. hahahah To all the shrimp tempura addicts out there, this is your best bet!

Moderno Food Park it is19

All the food options mentioned above are ranging from 50 pHP to 300 pHp so it is very budget friendly.

Moderno Food Park is perfect for your barkada trips, family weekend night out, or a cool and new idea for a couples date. ;) There are seats outside so if you want to eat or drink your beer with the cold night's breeze, you can definitely do so. There are table for groups of 6, 4 or 2. The designs for their tables and chairs differ from each other so I really find that cool and artistic. All of the food stalls are on the sides encircling the court and there are seats available on the second floor as well. It can also accommodate meetings and workshops since there are three cargo containers that are modified to take in groups of 6 or more. These are fully air conditioned and I think using those modified cargo containers are super cool and very modern! Talking about, reuse, reduce, recycle. Kudos to that! Mind you, the whole place is open but the wash room is fully air conditioned as well. How cool is that? LOL If only I can eat in the comfort room.

Moderno Food Park it is20Moderno Food Park it is21

Calligraphy workshop is currently offered in Moderno Food Park. Why don't you try it this weekend for a different cool vibe? Arts and Food at the same places is a great idea!

Have fun!

Do you know any other cool dining places in Pampangga? Let me know about it and share your experience! I'd love to know about it too!

Moderno Food Park it is23

*Moderno Food Park is currently under renovation. Please check their FB page for updates. Thank you. 

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