Cafe Noelle, holiday feels on a February


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Thank goodness it’s Saturday!

Say, “Hello day ooooffff!”

If you knew me in person, you would probably see me go jumping up and down and smiling from ear to ear. Yep, I just go gigglish whenever I see SATURDAY blinking on my phone. ???? You must have felt it too! It’s time to roam around and reward yourself with a yummy treat!

As per Virginia Woolf, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Why don’t you try Cafe Noelle? Wow, that actually rhymed. ???? This themed casual dining restaurant is located at Greenfields Square, MacArthur Highway,San Fernando, Pampanga. Cafe Noelle opens at 10:30 AM-11:00 PM. They offer a huge variety of dishes that you can try so it is great for the whole family as well. They offer cakes, pastries, steaks, pasta, salad, sandwiches, and beverages! They even have a menu for kids as well! Two thumbs up. ????

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We usually end up here at Cafe Noelle for snacks or after-dinner coffee and tea sessions. It is quite accessible from the main road so it is on top of the list whenever we think of coffee or tea. Café Noelle offers hot to cold thirst quenchers, cocktails, smoothies, coffee, and tea. We tried their Hot Tea in a Pot. You can choose from Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Honey Lemon and many more. Their tea selection is all neatly stacked in a wooden box which they present to you so you can choose freely. My sister chose Mint. I’m more of a Green Tea fan so I was like,” Why does it taste like toothpaste?” ???? Kidding. It was quite refreshing!

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(Ignore the pizza please, that’s just me, being a junkie. Lol) ????????

I never knew that they offer cocktails and mixes so I did take a double look when I noticed the beverage selection for the first time. ???? I tried Strawberry Daiquiri. This one is served in a coupette glass and is made by blending white rum, lime, grenadine, and strawberry syrup. It has a texture similar to a smoothie. A must try! The other one was Pineapple Paradise. This one is served in a cosmopolitan and is made by stirring brandy, blue curacao, lime and pineapple. We also tried the Cucumber Basil Agua Fresca. One word for this drink, healthy. ???? I was like, “oohhh, it reminds me of a pasta dish!” ???? It is my least favorite but it is the kind of drink that your organic-driven sister or girlfriend will order. ????


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They also offer a wide selection of breads , pastries and cakes!

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I totally love their crinkles! It is my favorite cookie since I was a kid so I was very excited when I tried it. It brings me back pieces of my childhood memories with every bite that I take! ????So good! It’s just at 120 pHp per pack which includes 6 yummy crinkles! All for me! ????


Their ensaymada is great as well. Creamy and soft, I must say. It is a great pasalubong to your mom or grannies! ????


I also tried their Impossible Cake. This is a combination of chocolate cake layered with egg flan on top. This is a perfect epitome of hitting two birds with one stone. ???? I got two of my favorite desserts in one toothsome cake! I’m happy. ????


My sister alsotried the Popcorn shrimp for starters. Have you ever experienced popping your eyes out with every bite that you take? That was my reaction when I tried this one. ???? Deep fried “bite-sized” shrimp is served with potato chips and 3 sauces (mustard, sweet and sour, sweet and spicy). I enjoyed eating that one as well! ????


Cafe Noelle will surely give you the holiday feels since it is still decorated with twinkling lights, Yule tree, dangling mistletoe and balls, nutcracker and such. ????⛄????



Don’t forget to check out their loo as well! It was quite interesting since it stylishly lights up the cubicle with a chandelier. ???? It got frames, cat figurines, and lighting can be adjusted. How’s that? ???? I muttered to myself,” I can actually live here.” ????



I also asked if they sell the marshallows that was displayed on top of the glass case. The lady said that it is free sweets for little kids. My thoughts were,” Why am I so big? Sayang.” Hahaha So kids, don’t miss that one. ????


There are still a lot of dishes on the menu that is waiting for us to be tried! There is Grilled rib eye steak, Spicy tinapa pasta, Chicken pot pie, Thai seafood curry, Roast beef sandwich and many more! Just typing out the names made me hungry. ????

Who’s with me?! ????????????????????☕????????????????????



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