Vikings on land! (Pampanga)

 Vikings! This means war! Kidding. More like food war, there, that is more appropriate. It is not about the Nordic seafaring pirates that are known for raiding northwestern Europe in the 8th-11th centuries. It’s not even Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the Hope and Heir to the Tribe of the Hairy Hooligans, or the cute and naughty, Toothless. What, who, where, which is it then?????


I am talking about the the Philippines’ largest buffet restaurant that just opened right at the heart of our country’s culinary center! Vikings is located at the Global Fashion Wing, SM City Pampanga and caters food along mall hours. Like their page online to know about their hottest deals!wp-image-243149348jpg.jpg


All-you-can-eat restaurants are just sprouting like mushrooms here in Pampanga. So when Vikings opened earlier this year, Kapampangans surely flocked it! My office is super near that area so when I saw that it is already open, I was jumping up and down! Literally. ???? My friends and I were too happy because we were waiting for it to open since last 2016. And now, Vikings is fully open to serve a whole wide variety of food! We tried it a few days ago and here my friends, is a tale that will surely make our tummies rumble and give that Viking-like roar!

Vikings is very enticing. It is fully open so you will surely see the grand and ostentatious interior. From the high ceiling which is lined with simple but elegant chandeliers to the nice and plush seats and the huge mosaic-like sign that says “Vikings, A Feast From the Sea”, adds up to that magnetic factor that will surely make you want to go inside. I don’t know about you but my head just goes towards Vikings direction whenever I pass by in that area. hahaha




And the food? Ha! One look at everything and you can say that life is good! It is the perfect moment to be “takaw-mata” as what we, Filipinos, call it. ????????Vikings is divided into stations so we will go to each one of them. You can use this as your map so you can fully feast like a Viking! ????

Cold Station

This station is for your health-conscious friends out there who would like to go vegan all the way. There are ready made salads but there was this salad bar that will surely make you want to make you creative to do your own salad plate! There were jalapeno, peach, anchovies, capers, zucchini, black olives and many more! A selection of dressings was also available on the side. Your mom will be happy if you stayed there too long, I must say. ????????



Italian Station

I stayed too long on this one. Thanks to Grana Padano! It is one of the world’s first and famous cheese from Italy. I watched while one of the chefs tossed and turned Fetuccine Alfredo in it and I was like, “WoooooooW”. You can apparently request for any pasta dish, be it carbonara, pesto, alfredo etc, However, there are ready made ones too. I tried their Fusilli which was lightly tossed in fresh Pomodoro sauce and it was really good! But of course, I won’t waste my chance of trying out that 43 000 pHp worth of cheese! One of the chefs was nice enough to make one pasta dish for me!



(You must be aware of how bad I am with names base on my previous blogs, right? So I will just refer to them depending on which station they are in, ok? I will surely do my best to take note of their names next time. Sorry, my bad. haha????????????)

Meet their “Italian” chefs!????wp image 1280102409jpg

Italian Chef: Hello Ma’am. What would you like to have?
Me: Any pasta dish that will make you toss it here in this huge barrel of cheese please!????
Italian Chef: Okay po! Alfredo or Carbonara?
Me: What’s the difference?
Italian Chef: Carbonara can come with bacon, ham, parmesan... (cut off)
Me: Oooooh Ok, yung may bacon po please! XD (I’m such a meat eater. LOL)
Italian Chef: Sure! Ano po gusto mong pasta Ma’am? Penne, spaghetti, fettuccine or something else?
Me: Penne na lang chef. Damihan mo naman chef ng bacon please! Thank you po!
Italian Chef: Suuure! Ok po!


Italian Chef started to enthusiastically cook my Penne Carbonara and I was so happy because I saw a bunch of bacon and ham piled up all together in the pan. ???????? I am just in the second station and I am already happy! He tossed it at the great Grana Padano and I felt my mouth water. It was so good when I tried it! Thanks for the Italian chef who prepared and added extra bacon and ham to my pasta dish! You made one customer happy and satisfied! Keep it up! ????????

Me: So this is how a 43 000 pHp worth of cheese taste like! (teary) I’m in love! ???????? lol


It will not be Italian station without pizza, right? There are multiple selections for pizza, Italian rolled, crusty and stuffed breads as well. Oh I love how the rolled bread with loads of basil smelled and tasted! I tried one of their Artisan pizza’s and it was definitely yummy as well. I can stay there forever but the next station was calling me already!


Carving station

This is the perfect time to be a carnivore. Lol You will surely see huge chunks of meet lined up and is just waiting for you to be sliced up! There was Garlic and Rosemary Studded Leg of Lamb, Angus Beef Belly (Karubi or short ribs), Beef ribs, Angus Rib-Eye, roasted turkey and pork belly, turkey rhapsody and there were 5 to 6 options for sauce! The chefs in this station are very approachable so all you have to do is to fall in line and say which meat you like. They will ask on how many slices and on how you would want it grilled, it can be medium, medium-well or well done. I went with all the meat (I know, facepalm hahaha) and asked them to kindly cook it well done. After a few minutes, I have a plate full of the finest meat in town! I hope to see Wagyu next time! Happy tummynonetheless!????????




Main Station

Asian cuisine? Present! You can have the usuals here like the buttered vegetables, beef in tomato sauce, breaded fish with salsa and such. This is the safe side of the shore. Filipino station on the same side. You will find Tamales, biringhe, pritong dalag, tilapia and many more! There is a fresh catch for the day as well. ???? I like these ones but I skipped them since I would want to maximize the limited capacity of my tummy and try out more different and new dishes but don’t worry Main station, I will be back for you! ????




Drinking Station

You will see a whole array of drinks here so you will surely not run out of choices! It can be the wall of reds and whites, jugs of different juices, soda fountains, beer tap, huge bottles of sake and you can even ask Mr. Bartender to make a smoothie for you! You can order for tea aswell. ????


Name it and they got it for you! How’s that? ????????(slow clap) Everything is part of the buffet fee except for the wines, you can get these by the glass or bottle for a certain fee. So perhaps, just let your Dad take advantage of the beer tap for economical reasons. ????????





Japanese, Chinese and Korean Station

Oh this one I love as well! The whole counter is more of a mix up of oriental dishes. Who wants assorted sushi? Me! They even have a sushi boat! I was like, “ Maybe, I can just stand here while I tryeach of these!” ????????



There were sashimi, sushi cones, tamago roll, shrimp and vegetable tempura, miso shiru, rolls, different dimsums like my fave, hakaw and many more!






I literally waited for the shrimp tempuras to get cooked since these ones are gone as soon as they are done! So I was standing right there at the counter, firmly holding my ground, and the chef was like,” We don’t want to make Ma’am wait that long!”. He hurriedly cooked the tempuras while smiling at me. After a few moments, freshly cooked tempura is served! Thanks chef! Good job! More please! ????????


There is a grilling area as well so you can choose and ask chef to fire up salmon head, chicken bonbon, chicken bulogogi and more of the options for you! There is a teppanyaki and shabu shabu station on this one too! They will let you order and choose the ingredients that you want, deliver the cooking pot and portable stove at your table and tada! Boiling and fresh shabu shabu right in front of you! Awesome! ????????


Nacho station

A Nacho station lies here somewhere too, it’s for you to find! There was chicken slider, bruschetta, seafood cucumber and many more! You will never ran out of options!????




Bread Station

This one is found right across the Italian station which is just perfect since you can get different types of bread and cheese here. There were pretzels, cream-filled buns, slices of bagel, ciabatta, baguette, brown bread, butter cubes, thin slices of ham and cheese, olives and may more! These will go well with wine, which is present at Vikings as well!



Dessert Station

I was really awed with this one! Any kid and kid at heart will surely love this one! They have a chocolate and milk fountain for fondue time! Slices of different cakes lined up one side and I went back on this one twice. Yep, I surely did. Hahah I tried all of their cakes! Lol There was chocolate, mango, ube, coffee, black forest, cream cheese and many more!


By the way, don’t mind opening the suitcases, nothing is inside. ???? My friend and I tried to open one so you don’t have to, unless it’s Easter?! ????

There were cold desserts as well where in you can have buco pandan, mango float, coffee jelly and so on!


You should not miss their crème brulee, and smores too! I am not sure if you need to ask for one of the chefs to melt the sugar on top using a torch to burn it a bit, but anyway, I still tried it and was not disappointed at the very least!



The fun does not end there since halo halo station, yogurt station, candy station, fruit station, ice cream station and crepe station and kakanin station is also present! I felt bad for wearing my tightest jeans. Wrong move. ????????






I kind of stayed really long in these ones instead of the salad bar since everything was good, I just said sorry to my pants later that night. ????Hahah I will always have that extra room for sweets and that night, it was definitely full to the brim! Kids, Kids at heart, or if you are just someone who refuses to grow old, you will surely love it here! Peter Pan and the Lost Boys will absolutely agree with me! Two thumbs up! ????????


The rates differ depending if it is a weekday or a weekend, age, number of people or if you will avail of one of their promos. You may like and contact their online page like Facebook so you can check on your most cost effective option. But since I really love my readers, here is a photo of the price list. ????


You can save a lot if it is your birthday or birth month though. Celebrants can eat for free on the day of their birthday that will be for both lunch and dinner as long as you are with one full paying adult. Celebrants can eat for free for your whole birth month as long as you are accompanied by four full paying adult. All you have to do is to bring your original and valid ID which shows your birth date or your birth certificate will do as well, for proof. That’s it! Feasting for free will always be a great idea! ???? Make sure to call for reservation! Here are their contact details: (45)435-3888, 0998-9979888, 0977-3542888.

Another good point about Vikings is that they divided and managed each table efficiently. You won’t see piles of used plates on the table which is the usual scenario in a buffet restaurant since the waiter stationed in your area continually remove soiled plates. Good job to that! My friend chose to eat crabs that night and she was having a hard time with it. The waiter immediately offered to either open it up for her or if she would like to have a crab cracker instead. Kudos to that! Being keen on your guest’s needs and making sure that they are comfortable is challenging to maintain especially if you have numerous buffet tables to work with but Vikings was able to work on it. Very commendable. Keep it up! ????????

You can surely get your money’s worth upon trying all of the cuisines that Vikings has to offer. Vikings surely raided all the ingredients from different places to cook up for you! Be it Asian, American, French, Italian, Vikings has something that will make your tummy happy and full! Try it as soon as you can and feast like a Viking! Rawr! ????

Have fun!????????


Look, Vikings aren’t that scary at all! ????

Hello Chef Jerry! ????







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