Coffee Project (Pampanga)



Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Our well-deserved days off are just around the corner so everyone must be excited to just kick-off those heels, sip a cup of coffee, binge read a book and just relax.
There is a new coffee shop that you might want to check out. It’s Coffee Project. It is located at Vista Mall, Mc-Arthur Hway, San Fernando, Pampanga. It is open as early as 7 Am and is still serving coffee around 11 pm. Perfect for early birds and night owls.
Coffee Project serves a variety of sandwiches and meals for breakfast, cakes and pastries for dessert, a selection for pasta dishes and salad and of course a wide variety of frappes, smoothies and non-coffee drinks like my fave, Matcha Green Tea!
Prices for their meals and drinks are quite affordable. Pretty much ,even students can afford to enjoy and spend their quality time at Coffee Project. Breakfast meals, sandwiches, salad and pasta dishes will roughly cost from 140- 250 pesos. Drinks on the other hand come in two sizes, Grande and Project. Price range for these will be around 100- 185 pesos depending on your personal preference. Let it be coffee, chocolate, or tea, all good! Their drinks will surely wake up all the sleeping particles inside your body with just the right shot of caffeine on your chosen drink. And your sweet tooth? It will fall off. Kidding. Their cakes and pastries perfectly match with their drink selection.So sulit!
Coffee Project is also known for their interior design. Who would be on their right minds and hang bicycles on walls and ceilings? Apparently, Coffee Project is creative enough to do so. The shop is surrounded with books, plants and bicycles. It gives a whimsical and modern vibe altogether. It is totally instagrammable from the ceiling down to the floor! They even have the Freedom Wall so you can write anything that is on your mind.
Maybe, it is the right time to ask your crush, ” Do you like Messi?”, and pray to the Gods that he gets it. HAHAHAHAH
Coffee Project is surely a nice place to spend your weekend alone, with your barkada, or with your special someone! ???????????? Why don’t you check it out this weekend and see for yourself?

Have fun! ❤