Coffee Project, second time around. ????


I simply love coffee shops! Just the hint of coffee in the air is enough to give me that sudden feel of hysteria and sereness all at the same time. I like that kind of mix. ???? As soon as I open the door of any coffee shop, I always take a deep breath in through my nose to get a dose of coffee before ordering anything!???? I will always find myself going back towards these places. One of which is Coffee Project. I visited it again last February 14 to check out their Hot Chocolate or Mocha Bloom!


Hot Chocolate or Mocha Bloom is basically one of our usual favorite drink from Coffee Project but is topped with marshmallow that slowly blooms at every sip! It is so cute and you can never go wrong with hot chocolate. ???? Everybody loves it! I was brave enough to go out alone on that day. ???? I tried their special drink and also I wanted to check out if they have a great featured musical artist. Like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram so you can know about their promotions, new cool drinks and events!


A girl with a very cute smile and bright eyes greeted me right away...
Cashier: Hello Ma’am! Welcome to Coffee Project! What would you like to have?

Me: Hello! I would like to try the chocolate drink that you featured online? Yung may mallows on top that blooms like a flower?
Cashier: Oh sure! Grande or Project po?
Me: Project please! Thank you!
Manager: Miss Criselle?
Me: Oh hiiiiiii! (literally perky which is more than necessary lol)
Manager: Mike po. Thanks for featuring us with one of your blogs!
Me: You are welcome po! I enjoyed my last visit so I thought that everybody should know how nice Coffee Project is!
Manager: Thanks po! Have a seat po,we will just deliver your drink.
Me: Okay! Thanks po! It is a pleasure to meet you!

Thank you to this awesome team! More power to you guys! ????????


And so I went to look for an awesome spot to enjoy my hot choco and the amazing saxophone artist that was featured that day! It was mostly swarmed with lovebirds so I gave myself a tap on the back for being a lone soldier that day. ????????
Saxophone (sax) belongs to the family of woodwind instruments. Saxophones are usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet.


Sax is one of the instruments that I want to learn since I already play guitar and drums. I find it very sensual and romantic so I am very pleased that Coffee Project invited an artist that will certainly make that night memorable! ????????
Mr. Vergel Valencia, saxophonist, surely did an amazing job with seranading and giving off that romantic vibe! He played different genres that everybody definitely enjoyed! His performance was composed of classic songs and famous hits like Close to You, A Thousand Years, Versace on the Floor and many more! I was constantly checking my watch because I have a freaking shift that night and I just got my cup of hot choco and the music was just getting good. ???????? I will surely come back for a part two! ???? You can contact him through this line for more inquiries about his professional services, 09198358814.



Coffee, Hot choco, jazz music, and a fascinating ambiance are all hitting the marks on my checklist! How about flowers? Coffee project was very thoughtful by giving an Ecuadorian rose to the first 30 ladies that visited them that day. I made the right choice! ???????? The Ecuadorian rose is known worldwide as the best rose in the world, in every imaginable category: bloom size, stem length, vase life, color. It was really nice to receive one! ????????

Thank you Coffee Project! ????


I never knew that flowers have different meanings. I researched about pink roses and apparently a single pink rose says: “I like you” . Over all, pink roses are used to convey gentle emotions such as admiration, joy and gratitude. Light pink rose blooms are indicative of sweetness and innocence. Deep pink rose blooms convey deep gratitude and appreciation. Pink roses also connote elegance and grace. I love the meaning of that single bud! Guys, take note.????

If you will ask me, I will prefer chocolates over flowers simply because I can not eat flowers (I know, facepalm hahahah????) but receiving one felt really good and made my heart flutter! To everyone who knows me in person, I know, it is cringe worthy. hahahha But yeah, “kinilig po ako ng slight“. ????
All of us holds on to something that we treat with value. It can be a candy wrapper from your third grade crush, a torn up handkerchief from your best friend or a flower from someone special. ???????? So, I decided to try flower pressing. This method will preserve your pretty blooms plus the memories attached to it!

You can actually press a whole bud however I wasn’t able to do it because I clumsily swung my single stem of Ecuadorian rose and accidently hit it into something hard so the petals fell off.I guess, I just walked too happily. ????Very unladylike, I know.???? Anyway, I just used some of the petals instead. There are loads of options when it comes to flower pressing. It can be by a wooden flower press, book, iron, or your mom’s microwave. Yep, microwave works! ???????? But I used my diary to make it more simple. All I did was place the flower or petals, in my case, between two sheets of paper. Closed it. Locked it for a week and tada! You got pretty looking and very classy looking pressed flowers! I saw more intricate ones which are encased in glass frames or tiny buds placed inside lockets but if you just want to make everything simple and you have your huge and dusty Physics book lying on the shelf, try this one out! ????

Visit Coffee Project as soon as you can so you can try their very rich and heart warming Hot chocolate! Don’t forget to like their Online page so you can see on when will their next event is, just look for Coffee Project Pampanga. Who knows, you might get another chance on that Ecuadorian rose or they might feature a different artist?!

See yah! ????????????


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